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New Projection & Sound Equipment

New Digital Projection and Sound Upgrades Announced

by Danny Wade
The newest blockbuster coming soon to your local theater is not a movie at all. Instead the blockbuster news is that Humboldt Plaza 3 is going digital.
Plaza owners Michael Longmire and Jason Tubbs knew the
day was coming when they would have to convert the theater from film to digital; it was just a matter of time. The movie companies announced in March of 2012 that movies on film would no longer be made or be available.

“We’ll be converting all three screens in February,” Longmire said last week. “That entails changing the entire projection room with new projectors, and installing new screens and sound systems.”

But the Humboldt duo is not stopping there. They are also renovating the two main floor theaters with newer seats and new curtains, Tubbs added. Going digital also allows the Plaza to show 3D movies.

“We knew March 12th when they told us we had until the end of the year, there would be no more 35mm film,” Longmire explained. “ They extended it until April 2013. Some movie companies have already stopped making 35mm film.”

Longmire and Tubbs had heard over the past couple of years the change was coming. When Kodak closed, that left Fuji as the only film maker and Longmire says Fuji will soon stop making film as well.

"When they told us we had until the end of the year, there would be no more 35mm film ,” Longmire explained. “They extended it until April 2013. Some movie companies have already stopped making 35mm film.”

Knowing the change was coming, Tubbs and Longmire had an extremely hard decision to make. Either make as sizeable investment of over a quarter million dollars or close the theater. At one point it seemed like the latter option was their only option.

“We talked with lenders and banks to get financing. But we were not having much luck,” Longmire noted. “We considered closing regardless of wanting to stay open. Unfortunately it was our only option if we could not get funding.”

“The thought of closing was hard to swallow,” Tubbs said. “We have 12 employees. That weighed heavy on us.”
“But the Lord wanted us to keep going and we found a plan,” Longmire added.

Now that the money issue is behind them, Tubbs and Longmire are excited about the major upgrades. There are a lot of advantages to going digital. There won’t be any loss of quality with digital no matter how many times a movie plays. The 35mm film does lose quality. Currently, Plaza ’s audio is strictly stereo. With the new sound systems, all three theaters will be Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Another plus to going digital will be the automation. With film, a typical movie could be six to eight reels (three miles of film) that had to be spliced together prior to showing. Now a movie will arrive on a hard drive that will plug into the system. This alone is huge, giving Plaza the ability to show the same movie on all three screens simultaneously when those big blockbuster movies come out.

Also with the automated system, the staff can select which movie trailers (previews), advertisements and announcements are shown prior to the main attraction movie, Tubbs said. The system has a timer that will dim the lights and start the showing at a designated time without a need for a staffer or projectionist to start the film. This frees up staff to better serve the movie goers.

Unfortunately, this investment will force the Plaza to increase ticket prices. But with that increase, the audience will get a much better product than currently offered, Longmire noted. He also added that Plaza’s prices will be very competitive with other theaters their size and much less than those multiplex theaters in larger cities.

“Our quality will have the same capability of any other theater in the U.S.,” Longmire said.
Next month the Plaza will begin renovations. The plan is to renovate one theater at a time so the theater does not have to close its doors at all. The number of showings per movie may decrease for a couple of weeks during that time. Once the first is renovated, the second will begin, finishing up with the upstairs theater.

“It’s a new world for an old theater,” Longmire said. “It’s still the same hometown-feel theater that will soon offer much better quality!”

To the Gibson County Baptist Association, churches, and fellow patrons,

We truely appreciate your support to the Courageous Movie. We strive hard to secure Christian family movies in our theater. It is through your support and dedication to our theater that we are able to do so. We sincerely appreciate the churches bringing your membership to our theater. Having the opportunity to show films like Courageous on the break is an honor to our theater and our community. It is our promise that we will continue every effort to seek and secure these great film opportunities. If your church or group has a movie of interest, please bring it to our attention. We have a great holiday season ahead, we hope to see you again soon.


Jason Tubbs and Michael Longmire

Jeff Brown Leaves Partnership

Partnership Ends
by Danny Wade
A Humboldt businessman had his final curtain call when 2010 came to a close. Jeff Brown, a business partner with Michael Longmire and Jason Tubbs, is leaving ReelTime Entertainment, owners of Humboldt Plaza 3 movie theater.
“This was my sole decision to leave and has nothing to do with Mike or Jason,” Brown said last week. “I’m having to deal with some family health issues plus my work with my church.”

In January 2007, the three friends formed ReelTime Entertainment and purchased the movie theater. They rolled up their sleeves and did major renovations to the Plaza including renovating the lobby and totally renovating the upstairs No. 3 theater with a new sound system, seats and curtains. They also upgraded the lower two theaters and added new items to the concessions.

“We revitalized a downtown business,” Tubbs noted. “That was important to us and something all three of us are proud of.”

“Jeff had something weighing on his heart and we talked before Christmas,” Longmire said. “We got everything worked out and resolved. We relinquished him from the partnership.”

But the three stress it was a mutual agreement and there was no “falling out” or other reasons for Brown leaving the business. In fact, Brown will stay on in some capacity as an advisor, promoter and even fill in when Tubbs or Longmire are away. Longmire joked and called Brown an ex-officio. Brown’s leaving the business will in no way change the way the theater is operated other than patrons not seeing his smiling face every third weekend. In the past, the three would rotate weekends and split up the fourth, each working one day.

“We always have an owners’ presence,” Tubbs explained.

“We want to keep in touch with our customers,” Longmire added.

“That interaction is vital,” Brown noted.

The day-to-day operations will change a bit with Brown’s leaving but Tubbs and Longmire praised their staff and emphasized the theater will still have the exact same friendly service the customers have grown to know.

“We have nine good employees,” Longmire said. “Manager Teresa Reece, she keeps this place going.”
The three admit that there were many naysayers when they decided to start their business. They knew going in that many times friends and business do not mix.

“It’s hard when friends work together,” Brown said. “But we’ve hashed out problems or issues, and then gone out to lunch together. That stems back to our friendship.”

This is apparent by life outside of the movie theater. They formed a barbecue cooking team called ReelTime Cookers. They get together and cook three or four times a year. They sponsored the Strawberry Festival Barbecue Cookoff for the past several years.

“We want the community to know this is not a blow-up,” Longmire said. “No one is being fired. There is no ill will.”

“We respect his decision,” Tubbs added. “The door is open for him to come back.”

 “We were friends long before the business. We’ll be friends long after we walk out the doors,” Brown said. “Our friendship bond is stronger than ever.”
March 29, 2010 - The latest renovations to the Plaza have been completed. The following improvements were made to the balcony theater: upgraded lightning, a new sound system, new curtains, and rocker seats. Now patrons will be able to enjoy improved presentation and comfort including a cup holder on every seat.

Note of Thanks

To the Gibson County Baptist Association, churches, and patrons, we sincerely appreciate all of you for visiting with us during the last several weeks showing of Fireproof in our theater.  As promised it was a proven positive influencing movie.  We are so proud that Gibson, Crockett, Madison, Henderson, and Dyer County churches and their membership joined us to view this touching film.  We hope that you all will continue to visit with us and enjoy many movies to come in our theater.  We strive hard to grow our theater and with the patrons support we vow to continue to make improvements to keep our theater a simple yet “cozy little theater” that families feel very comfortable visiting and enjoying a night out of entertainment for a low cost.  We are looking forward to our holiday season ahead and we have a great lineup of movies for the holidays.  Please continue to check our website as we will be updating it regularly.  Again, thank you all and we look forward to serving you again.


Michael Longmire, Jason Tubbs, Jeff Brown and the Staff of Humboldt Plaza 3

"Follow Me to the Plaza 3!"

May 20th, 2008 - The theater staff members (pictured at below) have been working since early March 2008 to renovate their newly acquired 1991 Thomas Bus and thus giving the Plaza Theater a greater presence in the community.

The bus sports a new Limo Black exterior and has long leather overstuffed cushion lounges down both sides of the interior. These are broken up by countertops on each side and the middle. It also features a sound system and drop in coolers.

Look for it at fundraisers, local events, and on the streets of Humboldt.
February 21, 2008 - The staff of the Plaza Theater wishes to extend its condolences to the family of James Young who passed away Thursday night. James was a valued member of the staff from 1996 until January 2007. His duties as usher included taking tickets, greeting customers, and selling concessions. James was well known around Humboldt and by theater patrons for his friendliness and jovial spirit. The staff of the Plaza Theater will miss him.
February 17, 2007 - The Theater held its Grand Opening and Open House.  The latest renovations were unveiled for everyone to see.  Along with renovations to the building, an expanded concession menu was also introduced.   The concessions now include Dominos Pizza by the slice, Dippin' Dots Ice Cream and many new snack items to go along with the old favorites.   The Theater now offers snack combos such as the Sweetheart Pack. The Sweetheart Pack is a large popcorn and two medium ice cold coca colas for just $5.50.  Free refills are also offered for all large drink and popcorn purchases.
If you are planning an outing, give us a call.  We now offer group rates and package deals  for school and church trips, class reunions, etc.  We also offer Birthday packages for your next birthday party.  Give us a call or stop by for details or bookings.

The Plaza 3 Theater is under new management!

Reel Time Entertainment, a local corporation, purchased the theater on January 2, 2007 from Ken and Linda Young.  The theater will show movies on Thursdays at 7 PM, Fridays at 7 PM and 9:15 PM, Saturdays at 4 PM, 7 PM, and 9:15 PM and Sundays at 3 PM.

Reel Time Entertainment would like to thank to Ken, Linda, and James for their ten years of service and wish them a happy retirement.  We appreciate them providing Humboldt a great place to enjoy new movies. Our goal is to keep the theater in top running order and give Humboldt and surrounding towns a great place to enjoy great movies at a reasonable price with friends and family.

February 2007 is set for many renovations to the facility with new carpet and painting planned as well as renovation to the marquee outside.
December 2006 - Owners Ken and Linda Young proudly unveiled the latest improvements to the cinema. The lower level theaters now sport new cup holders for all seats, a refinished floor, and surround sound for better presentation. Since reopening the Plaza in spring of 1996, this round of upgrades represents the biggest visible changes made yet. Ken wishes to remind you that everyone is invited to come down to the Plaza to enjoy a movie and choose from a variety of classic snack favorites including ice cold Coca-Cola, buttered popcorn, and Junior Mints.
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We now offer group rates and package deals for school and church trips, class reunions, etc.  We also offer Birthday packages for your next birthday party.  Give us a call for details and bookings.
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